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A Reprieve || Closed


It had been some time since her last encounter with Aethyta. The Justicar’s duty had once again driven her from the Citadel and into Terminus space, though she had found a certain longing to return settle within her as she traveled further from the heartbeat of the Galaxy. She genuinely missed her fellow Matriarch and Samara knew that was a dangerous line of thinking. To miss someone was to hold emotional attachment towards them, and that was something she had forbade herself from experiencing ever since she had aligned herself with the ranks of the Justicar. Yet her old friend had bypassed every measure she’d put in place to remain isolated from the world without her even realizing.

So at the first opportunity, Samara had returned to the Citadel, eager to see the other Asari as soon as possible. The artificial sunlight was still burning bright as the Justicar made her way to the small restaurant on one of the lower levels of the Citadel, to where Aethyta had been bar keeping the last time she had been there. As she had guessed, the Matriarch was working, little seeming to have changed since the last time, something she was rather thankful for. Some stability was a nice change. 

Approaching the bar, the Matriarch slid onto one of the open stools, clasping her hands politely on top of the bar. “I’m hoping you’ll provide me with a drink,” She spoke up in order to catch Aethyta’s attention, a slow smile finding its way onto her lips. “Good service for an old friend and all that.”

The matriarch continued to clean her bar after a busy afternoon of enthusiastic soldiers on shore leave that didn’t want to pay as much as the clubs did. Aethyta didn’t blame the kids, but they could at least learn not to spill their goddamn drinks all over her counter. Her job with the matriarchs wasn’t an easy one, but her Citadel gig was slower than the one on Illium now that Liara actually got out in the damn galaxy a little. She was starting to take a moment to think about her life and how unfulfilling it was now that most of her friends and family were dead at this point. She had Samara and Liara at least…sort of. They both seemed too damn busy to drop a “hello” to her these days.

Aethyta was grateful for that flash of red to appear at her bar, back poised with those curved lips she remembered as a maiden. Yeah, she was damn grateful. A coy grin worked its way onto her lips in return, tossing her rag back into the sink. “Sure thing, babe. Have something in mind?”

Unable to wipe the grin off her face, she realized just how much she missed the woman before her. It was nice to have someone to talk to that was around her age, someone who remembers what the quarians looked like and just how wonderful it felt to have a nice asari in the bed as well, even if the split was…unexpected. 

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